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icomp::CCompositeComponentStaticInfo::AttrAsOptionalDelegator Class Reference

#include <CCompositeComponentStaticInfo.h>

Inheritance diagram for icomp::CCompositeComponentStaticInfo::AttrAsOptionalDelegator:
icomp::IAttributeStaticInfo iattr::IAttributeMetaInfo istd::IChangeable istd::IPolymorphic

Public Member Functions

 AttrAsOptionalDelegator (const IAttributeStaticInfo *slavePtr, const iser::IObject *defaultValuePtr)
virtual IElementStaticInfo::Ids GetRelatedMetaIds (int metaGroupId, int flags, int flagsMask) const
 Get related meta information. More...
virtual QString GetAttributeDescription () const
 Get description of this attribute. More...
virtual const iser::IObjectGetAttributeDefaultValue () const
 Get default attribute value. More...
virtual QByteArray GetAttributeTypeId () const
 Return attribute type ID. More...
virtual int GetAttributeFlags () const
 Get flags of this attribute. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from istd::IChangeable
virtual int GetSupportedOperations () const
 Get set of flags for supported operations. More...
virtual bool CopyFrom (const IChangeable &object, CompatibilityMode mode=CM_WITHOUT_REFS)
 Copy this object from another one. More...
virtual bool IsEqual (const IChangeable &object) const
 Compare this object with another object. More...
virtual IChangeableCloneMe (CompatibilityMode mode=CM_WITHOUT_REFS) const
 Make a copy of this object. More...
virtual bool ResetData (CompatibilityMode mode=CM_WITHOUT_REFS)
 Reset data to its default state. More...
virtual void BeginChanges (const ChangeSet &changeSet)
 Starts the change transaction. More...
virtual void EndChanges (const ChangeSet &changeSet)
 Ends the change transaction. More...
virtual void BeginChangeGroup (const ChangeSet &changeSet)
 Starts group of changes. More...
virtual void EndChangeGroup (const ChangeSet &changeSet)
 Ends group of changes. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from istd::IPolymorphic
virtual ~IPolymorphic ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from icomp::IAttributeStaticInfo
enum  AttributeFlags { AF_REFERENCE = 1 << 5, AF_FACTORY = 1 << 6, AF_TRANSLATABLE = 1 << 7 }
 Flags signalizing set of attribute properties. More...
- Public Types inherited from iattr::IAttributeMetaInfo
enum  AttributeFlags {
  AF_OBLIGATORY = 1 << 0, AF_NULLABLE = 1 << 1, AF_SINGLE = 1 << 2, AF_MULTIPLE = 1 << 3,
  AF_VALUE = 1 << 4, AF_READ_ONLY = 1 << 31
 Flags signalizing set of attribute properties. More...
- Public Types inherited from istd::IChangeable
enum  ChangeFlags {
 Data model change notification flags. More...
enum  SupportedOperations {
  SO_NONE = 0, SO_OBSERVE = 1 << 0, SO_COPY = 1 << 1, SO_CLONE = 1 << 2,
  SO_COMPARE = 1 << 3, SO_RESET = 1 << 4
 Flags for supported operations. More...
 Control how relationship betweeen objects are interpreted. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from istd::IChangeable
static const ChangeSetGetNoChanges ()
 Get empty set of changes. More...
static const ChangeSetGetAnyChange ()
 Get anonymous change set. More...
static const ChangeSetGetAllChanges ()
 Get anonymous change set. More...
static const ChangeSetGetDelegatedChanges ()
 Get delegated change set. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from istd::IChangeable
virtual void OnBeginChanges ()
 Callback function for begin change event. More...
virtual void OnEndChanges (const ChangeSet &changeSet)
 Callback function for end change event. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 52 of file CCompositeComponentStaticInfo.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

icomp::CCompositeComponentStaticInfo::AttrAsOptionalDelegator::AttrAsOptionalDelegator ( const IAttributeStaticInfo slavePtr,
const iser::IObject defaultValuePtr 

Member Function Documentation

virtual const iser::IObject* icomp::CCompositeComponentStaticInfo::AttrAsOptionalDelegator::GetAttributeDefaultValue ( ) const

Get default attribute value.

pointer to default attribute value, if set. Elsewhere it returns NULL.

Implements iattr::IAttributeMetaInfo.

virtual QString icomp::CCompositeComponentStaticInfo::AttrAsOptionalDelegator::GetAttributeDescription ( ) const

Get description of this attribute.

Implements iattr::IAttributeMetaInfo.

virtual int icomp::CCompositeComponentStaticInfo::AttrAsOptionalDelegator::GetAttributeFlags ( ) const

Get flags of this attribute.

Implements iattr::IAttributeMetaInfo.

virtual QByteArray icomp::CCompositeComponentStaticInfo::AttrAsOptionalDelegator::GetAttributeTypeId ( ) const

Return attribute type ID.

The attribute type ID identifies unique this attribute in factory.

See Also

Implements iattr::IAttributeMetaInfo.

virtual IElementStaticInfo::Ids icomp::CCompositeComponentStaticInfo::AttrAsOptionalDelegator::GetRelatedMetaIds ( int  metaGroupId,
int  flags,
int  flagsMask 
) const

Get related meta information.

This information in normally used by references and factories to provide information about related interfaces.

metaGroupIdID of data group of asked meta ID's.
See Also
flagsflag value of element.
See Also
flagsMaskmask value of element. Each element has flags. Only elements where element_flag & flagsMask == flags will be returned.

Implements icomp::IAttributeStaticInfo.

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