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ifile::IFileResourceValidator Class Referenceabstract

Interface for validation of the file-based resources. More...

#include <IFileResourceValidator.h>

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ValidateResource (const QByteArray &resourceId, const ifile::IFileResourcesManager *fileRepositoryPtr, ilog::IMessageConsumer *messageConsumerPtr=NULL) const =0
 Do validation of the given resource. More...
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virtual ~IPolymorphic ()

Detailed Description

Interface for validation of the file-based resources.

Definition at line 16 of file IFileResourceValidator.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual istd::IInformationProvider::InformationCategory ifile::IFileResourceValidator::ValidateResource ( const QByteArray &  resourceId,
const ifile::IFileResourcesManager fileRepositoryPtr,
ilog::IMessageConsumer messageConsumerPtr = NULL 
) const
pure virtual

Do validation of the given resource.

resourceIdID of the resource in the repository.
messageConsumerPtrConsumer of operation messages (optionally).

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