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ifile::IFileTypeInfo Class Referenceabstract

Provide loading and saving of objects. More...

#include <IFileTypeInfo.h>

Inheritance diagram for ifile::IFileTypeInfo:
istd::IPolymorphic ifile::CFileTypeInfoComp ifile::IFilePersistence idoc::CMultiPageDocumentFilePersistenceComp idoc::CTextFileLoaderComp ifile::CComposedFilePersistenceComp ifile::CFileSerializerCompBase ifile::CTextFileLogStreamerComp ifilegui::CFileDialogLoaderComp iimg::CBitmapLoaderComp ipackage::CRegistryCodeSaverComp iqt::CClipboardSerializerComp iqt::CSettingsSerializerComp

Public Types

enum  QueryFlags {
  QF_LOAD = 1 << 0, QF_SAVE = 1 << 1, QF_FILE = 1 << 2, QF_DIRECTORY = 1 << 3,
  QF_ANONYMOUS = 1 << 4
 Describe detailed options of query. More...

Public Member Functions

virtual bool GetFileExtensions (QStringList &result, const istd::IChangeable *dataObjectPtr=NULL, int flags=-1, bool doAppend=false) const =0
 Get file extensions supported by this loader. More...
virtual QString GetTypeDescription (const QString *extensionPtr=NULL) const =0
 Get description of object type associated with single extension. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from istd::IPolymorphic
virtual ~IPolymorphic ()

Detailed Description

Provide loading and saving of objects.

Definition at line 22 of file IFileTypeInfo.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Describe detailed options of query.


Check for load operation.


Check for save operation.


Operations with specified file name should be considered.


Operations with specified directory name should be considered.


Operations without specified path (anonymous) should be considered.

Definition at line 28 of file IFileTypeInfo.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool ifile::IFileTypeInfo::GetFileExtensions ( QStringList &  result,
const istd::IChangeable dataObjectPtr = NULL,
int  flags = -1,
bool  doAppend = false 
) const
pure virtual

Get file extensions supported by this loader.

resultlist of extensions, e.g. {"txt", "doc"}.
dataObjectPtroptional pointer to data object for which all possible extensions are requested. It can be NULL if any object is meant.
flagsset of flags
See Also
doAppendif true, list of extensions should be appended to existing list.

Implemented in ipackage::CRegistryCodeSaverComp, ifilegui::CFileDialogLoaderComp, idoc::CMultiPageDocumentFilePersistenceComp, iimg::CBitmapLoaderComp, ifile::CComposedFilePersistenceComp, iqt::CSettingsSerializerComp, ifile::CTextFileLogStreamerComp, iqt::CClipboardSerializerComp, idoc::CTextFileLoaderComp, and ifile::CFileTypeInfoComp.

virtual QString ifile::IFileTypeInfo::GetTypeDescription ( const QString *  extensionPtr = NULL) const
pure virtual

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