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imath::CGeneralUnitInfo Class Reference

General implementation of the IUnitInfo interface. More...

#include <CGeneralUnitInfo.h>

Inheritance diagram for imath::CGeneralUnitInfo:
imath::IUnitInfo istd::IPolymorphic

Public Member Functions

 CGeneralUnitInfo (int type=UT_UNKNOWN, const QString &name="", double displayMultFactor=1.0, const istd::CRange &range=istd::CRange::GetInvalid(), const imath::IDoubleManip *valueManipPtr=NULL)
void SetUnitType (int type)
void SetUnitName (const QString &name)
void SetDisplayMultiplicationFactor (double factor)
void SetValueRange (const istd::CRange &range)
virtual bool Serialize (iser::IArchive &archive)
virtual int GetUnitType () const
 Get type of unit. More...
virtual QString GetUnitName () const
 Get name of unit. More...
virtual double GetDisplayMultiplicationFactor () const
 Get multiplication factor used to calculate user input values. More...
virtual istd::CRange GetValueRange () const
 Get range of possible values. More...
virtual const imath::IDoubleManipGetValueManip () const
 Return number manipulator object for numeric value. More...
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virtual ~IPolymorphic ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from imath::IUnitInfo
enum  UnitType {
 General type of unit. More...

Detailed Description

General implementation of the IUnitInfo interface.

Definition at line 17 of file CGeneralUnitInfo.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

imath::CGeneralUnitInfo::CGeneralUnitInfo ( int  type = UT_UNKNOWN,
const QString &  name = "",
double  displayMultFactor = 1.0,
const istd::CRange range = istd::CRange::GetInvalid(),
const imath::IDoubleManip valueManipPtr = NULL 

Member Function Documentation

virtual double imath::CGeneralUnitInfo::GetDisplayMultiplicationFactor ( ) const

Get multiplication factor used to calculate user input values.

Implements imath::IUnitInfo.

virtual QString imath::CGeneralUnitInfo::GetUnitName ( ) const

Get name of unit.

Implements imath::IUnitInfo.

virtual int imath::CGeneralUnitInfo::GetUnitType ( ) const

Get type of unit.

Implements imath::IUnitInfo.

virtual const imath::IDoubleManip& imath::CGeneralUnitInfo::GetValueManip ( ) const

Return number manipulator object for numeric value.

Implements imath::IUnitInfo.

virtual istd::CRange imath::CGeneralUnitInfo::GetValueRange ( ) const

Get range of possible values.

If invalid range is returned, there is no restrictions.

Implements imath::IUnitInfo.

virtual bool imath::CGeneralUnitInfo::Serialize ( iser::IArchive archive)
void imath::CGeneralUnitInfo::SetDisplayMultiplicationFactor ( double  factor)
void imath::CGeneralUnitInfo::SetUnitName ( const QString &  name)
void imath::CGeneralUnitInfo::SetUnitType ( int  type)
void imath::CGeneralUnitInfo::SetValueRange ( const istd::CRange range)

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