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iqt2d::CMultiBitmapViewComp::CSingleView Class Reference

#include <CMultiBitmapViewComp.h>

Inheritance diagram for iqt2d::CMultiBitmapViewComp::CSingleView:
iqt2d::IViewProvider istd::IPolymorphic

Public Types

typedef QGroupBox BaseClass

Public Member Functions

 CSingleView (QWidget *parentPtr, int id, const QString &title, const QByteArray &bitmapId)
void UpdateImage (const iimg::IBitmap *bitmapPtr)
void SetBackgroundColor (const QColor &color)
virtual void Init (bool hasStatusLabel, bool hasStatusBackground, bool useVerticalLayout)
virtual void SetInspectionResult (int result)
virtual int GetViewId () const
 Get ID indentifing this view. More...
virtual iview::IShapeViewGetView () const
 Called when items should be removed from specified view. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from istd::IPolymorphic
virtual ~IPolymorphic ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void AddStatusItems (QBoxLayout *layoutPtr)

Protected Attributes

iview::CImageShape m_backgroundShape
imod::TModelWrap< iimg::CBitmapm_backgroundModel
iview::CConsoleGui m_console
int m_id
bool m_showStatusLabel
bool m_showStatusBackground
QByteArray m_bitmapId

Detailed Description

Definition at line 67 of file CMultiBitmapViewComp.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 70 of file CMultiBitmapViewComp.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

iqt2d::CMultiBitmapViewComp::CSingleView::CSingleView ( QWidget *  parentPtr,
int  id,
const QString &  title,
const QByteArray &  bitmapId 

Member Function Documentation

virtual void iqt2d::CMultiBitmapViewComp::CSingleView::AddStatusItems ( QBoxLayout *  layoutPtr)
virtual iview::IShapeView* iqt2d::CMultiBitmapViewComp::CSingleView::GetView ( ) const

Called when items should be removed from specified view.

Implements iqt2d::IViewProvider.

virtual int iqt2d::CMultiBitmapViewComp::CSingleView::GetViewId ( ) const

Get ID indentifing this view.

Typically this ID is 0 for first view, 1 for the second etc.

Implements iqt2d::IViewProvider.

virtual void iqt2d::CMultiBitmapViewComp::CSingleView::Init ( bool  hasStatusLabel,
bool  hasStatusBackground,
bool  useVerticalLayout 
void iqt2d::CMultiBitmapViewComp::CSingleView::SetBackgroundColor ( const QColor &  color)
virtual void iqt2d::CMultiBitmapViewComp::CSingleView::SetInspectionResult ( int  result)
void iqt2d::CMultiBitmapViewComp::CSingleView::UpdateImage ( const iimg::IBitmap bitmapPtr)

Member Data Documentation

imod::TModelWrap<iimg::CBitmap> iqt2d::CMultiBitmapViewComp::CSingleView::m_backgroundModel

Definition at line 92 of file CMultiBitmapViewComp.h.

iview::CImageShape iqt2d::CMultiBitmapViewComp::CSingleView::m_backgroundShape

Definition at line 91 of file CMultiBitmapViewComp.h.

QByteArray iqt2d::CMultiBitmapViewComp::CSingleView::m_bitmapId

Definition at line 99 of file CMultiBitmapViewComp.h.

iview::CConsoleGui iqt2d::CMultiBitmapViewComp::CSingleView::m_console

Definition at line 94 of file CMultiBitmapViewComp.h.

int iqt2d::CMultiBitmapViewComp::CSingleView::m_id

Definition at line 95 of file CMultiBitmapViewComp.h.

bool iqt2d::CMultiBitmapViewComp::CSingleView::m_showStatusBackground

Definition at line 97 of file CMultiBitmapViewComp.h.

bool iqt2d::CMultiBitmapViewComp::CSingleView::m_showStatusLabel

Definition at line 96 of file CMultiBitmapViewComp.h.

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