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iqt::CSettingsArchiveBase Class Reference

Basic implementation for an archive used Qt settings implementation as persistence medium. More...

#include <CSettingsArchiveBase.h>

Inheritance diagram for iqt::CSettingsArchiveBase:
iqt::CSettingsReadArchive iqt::CSettingsWriteArchive


struct  TagInfo

Public Types

typedef QSettings BaseClass

Public Member Functions

 CSettingsArchiveBase (const QString &organizationName, const QString &applicationName, const QString &rootKey, QSettings::Scope settingsScope=QSettings::UserScope)
 Constructor. More...

Protected Types

typedef QList< TagInfoOpenTagsList

Protected Member Functions

bool EnterTag (const QByteArray &tagId)
bool LeaveTag (const QByteArray &tagId)
QString GetCurrentCountKey () const
QString CreateNextValueKey ()
QString GetBaseKey () const

Protected Attributes

OpenTagsList m_openTagsList
QString m_rootKey
int m_valuesCount

Detailed Description

Basic implementation for an archive used Qt settings implementation as persistence medium.

Definition at line 22 of file CSettingsArchiveBase.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 25 of file CSettingsArchiveBase.h.

Definition at line 59 of file CSettingsArchiveBase.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

iqt::CSettingsArchiveBase::CSettingsArchiveBase ( const QString &  organizationName,
const QString &  applicationName,
const QString &  rootKey,
QSettings::Scope  settingsScope = QSettings::UserScope 


organizationNameName of the organization.
applicationNameName of the application.
rootKeyThe root key.
settingsScope(Optional) the settings scope.

Member Function Documentation

QString iqt::CSettingsArchiveBase::CreateNextValueKey ( )
bool iqt::CSettingsArchiveBase::EnterTag ( const QByteArray &  tagId)
QString iqt::CSettingsArchiveBase::GetBaseKey ( ) const
QString iqt::CSettingsArchiveBase::GetCurrentCountKey ( ) const
bool iqt::CSettingsArchiveBase::LeaveTag ( const QByteArray &  tagId)

Member Data Documentation

OpenTagsList iqt::CSettingsArchiveBase::m_openTagsList

Definition at line 60 of file CSettingsArchiveBase.h.

QString iqt::CSettingsArchiveBase::m_rootKey

Definition at line 62 of file CSettingsArchiveBase.h.

int iqt::CSettingsArchiveBase::m_valuesCount

Definition at line 64 of file CSettingsArchiveBase.h.

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