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iqtgui::CDialogGuiComp Class Reference

Dialog based representation of any UI-Component. More...

#include <CDialogGuiComp.h>

Inheritance diagram for iqtgui::CDialogGuiComp:
icomp::CComponentBase iqtgui::IDialog icomp::IComponent istd::IPolymorphic istd::IPolymorphic iqtgui::CModelDialogGuiComp

Public Types

typedef icomp::CComponentBase BaseClass
typedef QObject BaseClass2

Public Member Functions

 CDialogGuiComp ()
virtual int ExecuteDialog (IGuiObject *parentPtr)
 Execute dialog instance. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from icomp::CComponentBase
 CComponentBase ()
 Create component and assign it to specific context. More...
virtual const ICompositeComponentGetParentComponent (bool ownerOnly=false) const
 Get parent of this component. More...
virtual void * GetInterface (const istd::CClassInfo &interfaceType, const QByteArray &subId="")
 Get access to specified component interface. More...
virtual const IComponentContextGetComponentContext () const
 Get access to component context describing all application-specified component information loaded from components registry. More...
virtual void SetComponentContext (const icomp::IComponentContext *contextPtr, const ICompositeComponent *parentPtr, bool isParentOwner)
 Set component context of this component. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from istd::IPolymorphic
virtual ~IPolymorphic ()

Protected Slots

void OnCommandActivated ()

Protected Member Functions

CreateComponentDialog (int buttons, IGuiObject *parentPtr) const
virtual void OnRetranslate ()
virtual void OnComponentCreated ()
virtual bool eventFilter (QObject *sourcePtr, QEvent *eventPtr)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from icomp::CComponentBase
bool IsComponentActive () const
 Check if component is active. More...
virtual void OnComponentDestroyed ()
virtual const
GetComponentStaticInfo () const =0
 Get access to static info of this component. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from icomp::CComponentBase
static const
InitStaticInfo (IComponent *componentPtr)
static QByteArray GetComponentId (const icomp::IComponentContext *componentContextPtr, const QByteArray &contextId=QByteArray())

Detailed Description

Dialog based representation of any UI-Component.

This component provides also a menu command and can be integrated into a consumer of ibase::ICommandsProvider interface.

Definition at line 21 of file CDialogGuiComp.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 28 of file CDialogGuiComp.h.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

iqtgui::CDialogGuiComp::CDialogGuiComp ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual iqtgui::CGuiComponentDialog* iqtgui::CDialogGuiComp::CreateComponentDialog ( int  buttons,
IGuiObject parentPtr 
) const
virtual bool iqtgui::CDialogGuiComp::eventFilter ( QObject *  sourcePtr,
QEvent *  eventPtr 
virtual int iqtgui::CDialogGuiComp::ExecuteDialog ( IGuiObject parentPtr)

Execute dialog instance.

Status of the dialog execution.
See Also

Implements iqtgui::IDialog.

Reimplemented in iqtgui::CModelDialogGuiComp.

void iqtgui::CDialogGuiComp::OnCommandActivated ( )
virtual void iqtgui::CDialogGuiComp::OnComponentCreated ( )

Reimplemented from icomp::CComponentBase.

virtual void iqtgui::CDialogGuiComp::OnRetranslate ( )

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