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iqtgui::CMultiPageGuiCompBase Class Referenceabstract

#include <CMultiPageGuiCompBase.h>

Inheritance diagram for iqtgui::CMultiPageGuiCompBase:
iqtgui::CGuiComponentBase imod::CMultiModelDispatcherBase ibase::TLocalizableWrap< icomp::CComponentBase > iqtgui::IGuiObject istd::IPolymorphic icomp::CComponentBase istd::IPolymorphic icomp::IComponent istd::IPolymorphic iqtgui::CTabContainerGuiComp iqtgui::TRestorableGuiWrap< CMultiPageGuiCompBase > iqtgui::CComposedGuiComp iqtgui::TGuiObserverWrap< iqtgui::CComposedGuiComp, imod::TSingleModelObserverBase< iprm::IParamsSet > > iqtprm::CExtComposedParamsSetGuiComp

Public Types

enum  ModelId { MI_USER = 1000 }
typedef iqtgui::CGuiComponentBase BaseClass
- Public Types inherited from iqtgui::CGuiComponentBase
typedef icomp::CComponentBase BaseClass
- Public Types inherited from ibase::TLocalizableWrap< icomp::CComponentBase >
typedef icomp::CComponentBase BaseClass

Public Member Functions

 I_REGISTER_SUBELEMENT_INTERFACE_T (PageModel, iprm::ISelectionParam, ExtractPageModel)
 I_REGISTER_SUBELEMENT_INTERFACE_T (PageModel, iprm::IOptionsList, ExtractPageModel)
 I_REGISTER_SUBELEMENT_INTERFACE_T (PageModel, iser::ISerializable, ExtractPageModel)
 I_REGISTER_SUBELEMENT_INTERFACE_T (PageModel, imod::IModel, ExtractPageModel)
 I_REGISTER_SUBELEMENT_INTERFACE_T (PageModel, istd::IChangeable, ExtractPageModel)
 I_REGISTER_SUBELEMENT_INTERFACE_T (PageModel, IMultiVisualStatusProvider, ExtractPageModel)
 CMultiPageGuiCompBase ()
virtual int GetPagesCount () const =0
 Get the number of the pages in the UI container. More...
virtual iqtgui::IGuiObjectGetPageGuiComponent (int pageIndex) const =0
 Get the UI component for a given page. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from iqtgui::CGuiComponentBase
 I_REGISTER_SUBELEMENT_INTERFACE_T (VisualStatus, IVisualStatus, ExtractVisualStatus)
 I_REGISTER_SUBELEMENT_INTERFACE_T (VisualStatus, istd::IChangeable, ExtractVisualStatus)
 I_REGISTER_SUBELEMENT_INTERFACE_T (VisualStatus, imod::IModel, ExtractVisualStatus)
 CGuiComponentBase ()
bool IsGuiShown () const
virtual bool IsGuiCreated () const
 Inform if GUI was initilized. More...
virtual bool CreateGui (QWidget *parentPtr)
 Initialize GUI and connect it to the parent. More...
virtual bool DestroyGui ()
 Release GUI and disconnect it from parent. More...
virtual QWidget * GetWidget () const
 Get access to internal QWidget object. More...
virtual void OnTryClose (bool *ignoredPtr=NULL)
 Called on trying to close application. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ibase::TLocalizableWrap< icomp::CComponentBase >
 TLocalizableWrap ()
virtual void EnableLocalization (bool enableLocalization=true)
 If enabled, listen to the language change event from the application context. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from icomp::CComponentBase
 CComponentBase ()
 Create component and assign it to specific context. More...
virtual const ICompositeComponentGetParentComponent (bool ownerOnly=false) const
 Get parent of this component. More...
virtual void * GetInterface (const istd::CClassInfo &interfaceType, const QByteArray &subId="")
 Get access to specified component interface. More...
virtual const IComponentContextGetComponentContext () const
 Get access to component context describing all application-specified component information loaded from components registry. More...
virtual void SetComponentContext (const icomp::IComponentContext *contextPtr, const ICompositeComponent *parentPtr, bool isParentOwner)
 Set component context of this component. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from istd::IPolymorphic
virtual ~IPolymorphic ()

Protected Slots

virtual void OnPageChanged (int widgetIndex)

Protected Member Functions

virtual int GetDesignType () const =0
 Get the container UI mode. More...
virtual int GetLogicalPageIndex (int physicalWidgetIndex) const
 Get logical page index from a given widget index. More...
virtual bool CreatePage (int pageIndex)
 Create a page in the page container widget. More...
virtual void RemovePage (int pageIndex)
 Remove a page from the container widget. More...
virtual void SetCurrentPage (int pageIndex)
 Set current page. More...
virtual void UpdateVisualElements ()
 Update visual status of the page elements. More...
virtual void CreatePages ()
 Create all container pages. More...
virtual void ResetPages ()
 Clear all container pages. More...
virtual QWidget * CreateQtWidget (QWidget *parentPtr)
 Create slave widget object. More...
virtual void OnGuiCreated ()
 Called just after GUI is initialized. More...
virtual void OnGuiDestroyed ()
 Called just before GUI is released. More...
virtual void OnGuiRetranslate ()
 Called from widget event filter when GUI should be retranslated. More...
virtual void OnComponentCreated ()
virtual void OnComponentDestroyed ()
virtual void OnModelChanged (int modelId, const istd::IChangeable::ChangeSet &changeSet)
bool EnsurePageInitialized (int pageIndex)
 I_MULTITEXTATTR (m_pageNamesAttrPtr)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from iqtgui::CGuiComponentBase
virtual void OnGuiShown ()
 Called from widget event filter when slave widget is shown. More...
virtual void OnGuiHidden ()
 Called from widget event filter when slave widget is hidden. More...
virtual bool OnKeyPressed (QKeyEvent *event)
 Called from widget event filter when key is pressed. More...
virtual void OnRetranslate ()
 Called when non-GUI elements (like commands) should be retranslated. More...
void SetStatusIcon (const QIcon &icon)
 Set status icon;. More...
void SetStatusText (const QString &text)
 Set status text;. More...
virtual void OnLanguageChanged ()
virtual bool eventFilter (QObject *sourcePtr, QEvent *eventPtr)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from icomp::CComponentBase
bool IsComponentActive () const
 Check if component is active. More...
virtual const
GetComponentStaticInfo () const =0
 Get access to static info of this component. More...
bool RegisterModel (IModel *modelPtr, int modelId=0, const istd::IChangeable::ChangeSet &relevantFlags=istd::IChangeable::GetAllChanges())
 Register the data model to be observed. More...
void UnregisterModel (int modelId=0)
 Unregister the data model object. More...
void UnregisterAllModels ()
 Unregister all observed data objects. More...
template<class Object >
Object * GetObjectAt (int modelId) const
 Get concrete object instance of the obsered model. More...

Protected Attributes

imod::TModelWrap< PageModel > m_pageModel
- Protected Attributes inherited from iqtgui::CGuiComponentBase
imod::TModelWrap< VisualStatusm_visualStatus

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from icomp::CComponentBase
static const
InitStaticInfo (IComponent *componentPtr)
static QByteArray GetComponentId (const icomp::IComponentContext *componentContextPtr, const QByteArray &contextId=QByteArray())

Detailed Description

Definition at line 24 of file CMultiPageGuiCompBase.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 30 of file CMultiPageGuiCompBase.h.

Definition at line 31 of file CMultiPageGuiCompBase.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation


Minimal number which should be used for user-specific data models.

Definition at line 33 of file CMultiPageGuiCompBase.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

iqtgui::CMultiPageGuiCompBase::CMultiPageGuiCompBase ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool iqtgui::CMultiPageGuiCompBase::CreatePage ( int  pageIndex)

Create a page in the page container widget.

virtual void iqtgui::CMultiPageGuiCompBase::CreatePages ( )

Create all container pages.

Reimplemented in iqtprm::CExtComposedParamsSetGuiComp.

virtual QWidget* iqtgui::CMultiPageGuiCompBase::CreateQtWidget ( QWidget *  parentPtr)

Create slave widget object.

Implements iqtgui::CGuiComponentBase.

bool iqtgui::CMultiPageGuiCompBase::EnsurePageInitialized ( int  pageIndex)
virtual int iqtgui::CMultiPageGuiCompBase::GetDesignType ( ) const
protectedpure virtual

Get the container UI mode.

See Also

Implemented in iqtgui::CComposedGuiComp, and iqtgui::CTabContainerGuiComp.

virtual int iqtgui::CMultiPageGuiCompBase::GetLogicalPageIndex ( int  physicalWidgetIndex) const

Get logical page index from a given widget index.

virtual iqtgui::IGuiObject* iqtgui::CMultiPageGuiCompBase::GetPageGuiComponent ( int  pageIndex) const
pure virtual

Get the UI component for a given page.

Implemented in iqtgui::CComposedGuiComp, and iqtgui::CTabContainerGuiComp.

virtual int iqtgui::CMultiPageGuiCompBase::GetPagesCount ( ) const
pure virtual

Get the number of the pages in the UI container.

Implemented in iqtgui::CComposedGuiComp, and iqtgui::CTabContainerGuiComp.

iqtgui::CMultiPageGuiCompBase::I_MULTITEXTATTR ( m_pageNamesAttrPtr  )
iqtgui::CMultiPageGuiCompBase::I_REGISTER_SUBELEMENT_INTERFACE_T ( PageModel  ,
iprm::ISelectionParam  ,
iqtgui::CMultiPageGuiCompBase::I_REGISTER_SUBELEMENT_INTERFACE_T ( PageModel  ,
iprm::IOptionsList  ,
iqtgui::CMultiPageGuiCompBase::I_REGISTER_SUBELEMENT_INTERFACE_T ( PageModel  ,
iser::ISerializable  ,
iqtgui::CMultiPageGuiCompBase::I_REGISTER_SUBELEMENT_INTERFACE_T ( PageModel  ,
imod::IModel  ,
iqtgui::CMultiPageGuiCompBase::I_REGISTER_SUBELEMENT_INTERFACE_T ( PageModel  ,
istd::IChangeable  ,
iqtgui::CMultiPageGuiCompBase::I_REGISTER_SUBELEMENT_INTERFACE_T ( PageModel  ,
IMultiVisualStatusProvider  ,
virtual void iqtgui::CMultiPageGuiCompBase::OnComponentCreated ( )

Reimplemented from iqtgui::CGuiComponentBase.

virtual void iqtgui::CMultiPageGuiCompBase::OnComponentDestroyed ( )

Reimplemented from icomp::CComponentBase.

virtual void iqtgui::CMultiPageGuiCompBase::OnGuiCreated ( )
virtual void iqtgui::CMultiPageGuiCompBase::OnGuiDestroyed ( )
virtual void iqtgui::CMultiPageGuiCompBase::OnGuiRetranslate ( )

Called from widget event filter when GUI should be retranslated.

Reimplemented from iqtgui::CGuiComponentBase.

Reimplemented in iqtgui::TGuiObserverWrap< iqtgui::CComposedGuiComp, imod::TSingleModelObserverBase< iprm::IParamsSet > >.

virtual void iqtgui::CMultiPageGuiCompBase::OnModelChanged ( int  modelId,
const istd::IChangeable::ChangeSet changeSet 
virtual void iqtgui::CMultiPageGuiCompBase::OnPageChanged ( int  widgetIndex)
virtual void iqtgui::CMultiPageGuiCompBase::RemovePage ( int  pageIndex)

Remove a page from the container widget.

virtual void iqtgui::CMultiPageGuiCompBase::ResetPages ( )

Clear all container pages.

virtual void iqtgui::CMultiPageGuiCompBase::SetCurrentPage ( int  pageIndex)

Set current page.

virtual void iqtgui::CMultiPageGuiCompBase::UpdateVisualElements ( )

Update visual status of the page elements.

Member Data Documentation

imod::TModelWrap<PageModel> iqtgui::CMultiPageGuiCompBase::m_pageModel

Definition at line 198 of file CMultiPageGuiCompBase.h.

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