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iser::CArchiveTag Class Reference

Process tag used to group data in archive stream. More...

#include <CArchiveTag.h>

Public Types

enum  TagType {
 Describe type of tag. More...

Public Member Functions

 CArchiveTag ()
 CArchiveTag (const QByteArray &id, const QByteArray &comment, TagType tagType=TT_UNKNOWN, const CArchiveTag *parentPtr=NULL, bool isTagSkippingUsed=false)
 Constructor with parameter initialization. More...
const QByteArray & GetId () const
 Get ID of this tag. More...
quint32 GetBinaryId () const
 Get automatic generated binary ID. More...
const QByteArray & GetComment () const
 Get comment of this tag. More...
TagType GetTagType () const
 Get type of this tag. More...
const CArchiveTagGetParentTag () const
 Get tag beeing parent of this. More...
bool IsTagSkippingUsed () const
 Check if it is needed to support tag skipping for this tag. More...

Detailed Description

Process tag used to group data in archive stream.

Definition at line 21 of file CArchiveTag.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Describe type of tag.


Unknown type of tag.


Normal tag used for grouping of tags or processed elements.

It should be outputted to serialized stream.


Multiple tag containing variable number of child tags.

All childs must be the same type.


Leaf tag, it can contain only one primitive element.

Single group can contain only one leaf tag with the same name. Depending on implementation some leaf specific optimizations can be enabled (e.g. using of attributes for XML documents).


Weak group tag, if possible it will be not outputted.

Definition at line 27 of file CArchiveTag.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

iser::CArchiveTag::CArchiveTag ( )
iser::CArchiveTag::CArchiveTag ( const QByteArray &  id,
const QByteArray &  comment,
TagType  tagType = TT_UNKNOWN,
const CArchiveTag parentPtr = NULL,
bool  isTagSkippingUsed = false 

Constructor with parameter initialization.

idID of this tag.
commenthuman readable and are used for diagnostic.
isTagSkippingUsedtrue if it is needed to support tag skipping for this tag.

Member Function Documentation

quint32 iser::CArchiveTag::GetBinaryId ( ) const

Get automatic generated binary ID.

const QByteArray& iser::CArchiveTag::GetComment ( ) const

Get comment of this tag.

Comments are human readable and are used for diagnostic.

const QByteArray& iser::CArchiveTag::GetId ( ) const

Get ID of this tag.

const CArchiveTag* iser::CArchiveTag::GetParentTag ( ) const

Get tag beeing parent of this.

TagType iser::CArchiveTag::GetTagType ( ) const

Get type of this tag.

bool iser::CArchiveTag::IsTagSkippingUsed ( ) const

Check if it is needed to support tag skipping for this tag.

Definition at line 114 of file CArchiveTag.h.

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