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istd::TIFactory< Interface > Class Template Referenceabstract

Generic interface for a factory. More...

#include <TIFactory.h>

Inheritance diagram for istd::TIFactory< Interface >:
istd::IFactoryInfo istd::IPolymorphic i2d::CObject2dFactory iattr::CStandardAttributesFactory icomp::TFactoryMember< Interface > istd::TSingleFactory< Interface, Implementation > istd::TComposedFactory< Interface > ibase::TComposedFactoryComp< Interface >

Public Types

typedef Interface InterfaceType
- Public Types inherited from istd::IFactoryInfo
typedef QSet< QByteArray > KeyList

Public Member Functions

virtual Interface * CreateInstance (const QByteArray &keyId="") const =0
 Create an instance of the object, mapped to the keyId keyId. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from istd::IFactoryInfo
virtual KeyList GetFactoryKeys () const =0
 Returns all posible keys for this factory. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from istd::IPolymorphic
virtual ~IPolymorphic ()

Detailed Description

template<class Interface>
class istd::TIFactory< Interface >

Generic interface for a factory.

Definition at line 17 of file TIFactory.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

template<class Interface>
typedef Interface istd::TIFactory< Interface >::InterfaceType

Definition at line 20 of file TIFactory.h.

Member Function Documentation

template<class Interface>
virtual Interface* istd::TIFactory< Interface >::CreateInstance ( const QByteArray &  keyId = "") const
pure virtual

Create an instance of the object, mapped to the keyId keyId.

pointer to created object or NULL if it was not possible to create it or keyId does not exist.

Implemented in icomp::TFactoryMember< Interface >, istd::TComposedFactory< InterfaceType >, istd::TComposedFactory< Interface >, icomp::TSimComponentsFactory< Base >, istd::TSingleFactory< Interface, Implementation >, i2d::CObject2dFactory, and iattr::CStandardAttributesFactory.

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