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iview::CAffineTransformation2dShape Class Reference

Interactive shape to visualize i2d::CAffineTransformation2d. More...

#include <CAffineTransformation2dShape.h>

Inheritance diagram for iview::CAffineTransformation2dShape:
iview::CInteractiveShapeBase iview::CShapeBase iview::IInteractiveShape iview::IDraggable imod::CSingleModelObserverBase iview::IShape iview::IShape iview::IMouseActionObserver istd::IPolymorphic istd::IPolymorphic iview::ITouchable iview::IVisualizable imod::IObserver iview::ITouchable iview::IVisualizable imod::IObserver imod::IObserver

Public Types

enum  ControlPoint {
  NO_POINT = 0, POINT1 = 1, POINT2 = 2, POINT3 = 4,
- Public Types inherited from iview::CInteractiveShapeBase
typedef CShapeBase BaseClass
- Public Types inherited from iview::CShapeBase
enum  ShapeTransformMode { STM_VIEW, STM_SHAPE, STM_COMBINE }
 Describe how shape tranformation is interpreted. More...
- Public Types inherited from imod::CSingleModelObserverBase
typedef imod::IModel ModelType
- Public Types inherited from iview::IShape
enum  ChangeFlags { CF_CALIB = 0x3663adf }
 Data model change notification flags. More...
- Public Types inherited from iview::ITouchable
enum  TouchState {
 Enumeration for possible shape touch states. More...

Public Member Functions

 CAffineTransformation2dShape ()
void SetActiveControlPoints (ControlPoint points=ALL_POINTS)
 Set control points that can be moved by the user (OR'ed ControlPoints). More...
virtual void Draw (QPainter &drawContext) const
 Draw this shape using draw context. More...
virtual bool OnModelAttached (imod::IModel *modelPtr, istd::IChangeable::ChangeSet &changeMask)
 This call back function will be called, if an observable object is about to be attached. More...
virtual TouchState IsTouched (istd::CIndex2d position) const
 Check, if any shape is touched. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from iview::CInteractiveShapeBase
 CInteractiveShapeBase ()
 CInteractiveShapeBase (const CInteractiveShapeBase &shape)
virtual ~CInteractiveShapeBase ()
virtual bool IsEditablePosition () const
virtual void SetEditablePosition (bool state=true)
virtual bool IsSelected () const
 Check, if this shape is selected. More...
virtual void SetSelected (bool selectFlag=true)
 Inform that this object was selected or deselected. More...
virtual bool OnMouseButton (istd::CIndex2d position, Qt::MouseButton buttonType, bool downFlag)
 It is called, when mouse button is pushed down or up on this object. More...
virtual bool OnMouseMove (istd::CIndex2d position)
 It is called, when mouse is moved. More...
virtual bool IsDraggable () const
 Check if drag is enabled. More...
virtual void BeginDrag (const istd::CIndex2d &position)
 Called before dragging is begin. More...
virtual void SetDragPosition (const istd::CIndex2d &position)
 Set new drag position. More...
virtual void EndDrag ()
 Called after dragging. More...
virtual bool OnModelDetached (imod::IModel *modelPtr)
 This call back function will be called, if an observable object is about to be detached. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from iview::CShapeBase
 CShapeBase ()
 CShapeBase (const CShapeBase &shape)
virtual ~CShapeBase ()
virtual bool AssignToLayer (int layerType)
 Assign this shape to same layer. More...
virtual void Invalidate ()
iview::IDisplayGetDisplayPtr () const
 Get access to currently connected display. More...
ShapeTransformMode GetTransformMode () const
 Get shape transformation mode. More...
void SetTransformMode (ShapeTransformMode mode)
 Set shape transformation mode. More...
virtual int GetLayerType () const
 Get layer type of this shape object. More...
virtual i2d::CRect GetBoundingBox () const
 Return bounding box in client window coordinates. More...
virtual void SetVisible (bool state=true)
 Make shape to be visible or not. More...
virtual const IColorSchemaGetUserColorSchema () const
 Get color schema from view or user defined. More...
virtual void SetUserColorSchema (const IColorSchema *schemaPtr)
 Set color schema to draw shape. More...
virtual void SetDefaultDescription (const QString &description)
 Set default description will be used to display on console. More...
virtual bool IsVisible () const
 Check, if this object is visible. More...
virtual bool IsDisplayAccepted (const IDisplay &display) const
 Check if this object can be connected to this display. More...
virtual void OnConnectDisplay (IDisplay *displayPtr)
 Called after display is connected. More...
virtual void OnDisconnectDisplay (IDisplay *displayPtr)
 Called after display is disconnected. More...
virtual bool OnDisplayChange (const istd::IChangeable::ChangeSet &changeSet)
 It informs about changes in display. More...
virtual QString GetShapeDescriptionAt (istd::CIndex2d position) const
 Get description to shape at specified position. More...
virtual void OnUpdate (const istd::IChangeable::ChangeSet &changeSet)
 Called on update of observed model. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from imod::CSingleModelObserverBase
 CSingleModelObserverBase ()
virtual ~CSingleModelObserverBase ()
imod::IModelGetObservedModel () const
 Get access to observed model. More...
imod::IModelGetModelPtr () const
 Get access to observed model. More...
void EnsureModelDetached ()
 Make sure this observer is detached. More...
void SetObservedIds (const istd::IChangeable::ChangeSet &changeMask)
 Set list of ID's beeing observed. More...
virtual bool IsModelAttached (const imod::IModel *modelPtr=NULL) const
 Check if specified model is attached. More...
virtual void BeforeUpdate (imod::IModel *modelPtr)
 This function will be called before update of the observer contents occures. More...
virtual void AfterUpdate (imod::IModel *modelPtr, const istd::IChangeable::ChangeSet &changeSet)
 This function will be called after update of the observer contents occures. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from istd::IPolymorphic
virtual ~IPolymorphic ()

Protected Types

typedef i2d::CVector2d ControlPoints [CONTROL_POINTS_COUNT]

Protected Member Functions

void GetScreenPoints (const ControlPoints &points, ControlPoints &result) const
 Transform control points from logical to screen coordinates. More...
virtual i2d::CRect CalcBoundingBox () const
 Calculate bounding box. More...
virtual void BeginLogDrag (const i2d::CVector2d &reference)
virtual void SetLogDragPosition (const i2d::CVector2d &position)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from iview::CInteractiveShapeBase
void BeginTickerDrag ()
void EndTickerDrag ()
void UpdateModelChanges ()
int GetKeysState () const
 Get actual keys state. More...
int GetEditMode () const
 Get actual edit mode. More...
void DrawText (QPainter &drawContext, istd::CIndex2d point, const QString &text) const
 Draw text on a given position. More...
virtual bool IsDisplayChangeImportant (const istd::IChangeable::ChangeSet &changeSet)
 Get display changes mask. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from iview::CShapeBase
i2d::CVector2d GetScreenPosition (const i2d::CVector2d &logPosition) const
 Get screen position based on logical position. More...
i2d::CVector2d GetLogPosition (const i2d::CVector2d &screenPosition) const
 Get logical position based on screen position. More...
double GetLocalLineWidth (const i2d::CVector2d &screenPosition) const
 Get line with (in logical coordinates) for single screen position. More...
virtual void InvalidateBoundingBox ()
 Invalidate bounding box. More...
bool IsDisplayConnected () const
 Check if display is connected. More...
const IColorSchemaGetColorSchema () const
 Get color schema for this shape. More...
i2d::CRect GetClientRect () const
 Get display client rectangle. More...
bool IsBoundingBoxValid () const
void DisconnectDisplay ()
virtual const
GetViewToScreenTransform () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from imod::CSingleModelObserverBase
void SetModelPtr (imod::IModel *modelPtr)
 Set internal model pointer to specified value. More...

Static Protected Member Functions

static const ControlPointsGetControlPoints ()
 Generate transformed points using given transformation. More...
static void GetTransformedPoints (const ControlPoints &points, ControlPoints &result, const i2d::CAffineTransformation2d &transformation)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Attributes inherited from imod::CSingleModelObserverBase
static const

Detailed Description

Interactive shape to visualize i2d::CAffineTransformation2d.

Definition at line 17 of file CAffineTransformation2dShape.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef i2d::CVector2d iview::CAffineTransformation2dShape::ControlPoints[CONTROL_POINTS_COUNT]

Definition at line 52 of file CAffineTransformation2dShape.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

Definition at line 48 of file CAffineTransformation2dShape.h.


Definition at line 20 of file CAffineTransformation2dShape.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

iview::CAffineTransformation2dShape::CAffineTransformation2dShape ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual void iview::CAffineTransformation2dShape::BeginLogDrag ( const i2d::CVector2d reference)
virtual i2d::CRect iview::CAffineTransformation2dShape::CalcBoundingBox ( ) const

Calculate bounding box.

You have to implement this method in your shapes implementations.

Implements iview::CShapeBase.

virtual void iview::CAffineTransformation2dShape::Draw ( QPainter &  drawContext) const

Draw this shape using draw context.

Implements iview::IVisualizable.

static const ControlPoints& iview::CAffineTransformation2dShape::GetControlPoints ( )

Generate transformed points using given transformation.

If there is no transformation, generate default Cartesian coordinate system corner points: begin, X axis end and Y axis end.

sizeLength of both axes
void iview::CAffineTransformation2dShape::GetScreenPoints ( const ControlPoints points,
ControlPoints result 
) const

Transform control points from logical to screen coordinates.

transformLogToScreenTransform assigned to the view
static void iview::CAffineTransformation2dShape::GetTransformedPoints ( const ControlPoints points,
ControlPoints result,
const i2d::CAffineTransformation2d transformation 
virtual TouchState iview::CAffineTransformation2dShape::IsTouched ( istd::CIndex2d  position) const

Check, if any shape is touched.

When shape is touched, it return also pointer to this shape.

touch state for the shape, or iview::IInteractiveShape::TS_NONE, when nothing found.

Reimplemented from iview::CShapeBase.

virtual bool iview::CAffineTransformation2dShape::OnModelAttached ( imod::IModel modelPtr,
istd::IChangeable::ChangeSet changeMask 

This call back function will be called, if an observable object is about to be attached.

This function returns a true, if observable object is accepted by the implementation logic of the observer, otherwise returns false.

modelPtrpointer to model object being attached.
changeMaskoutput parameter returning set of change ID's will be accepted. returns a false.

Reimplemented from iview::CInteractiveShapeBase.

void iview::CAffineTransformation2dShape::SetActiveControlPoints ( ControlPoint  points = ALL_POINTS)

Set control points that can be moved by the user (OR'ed ControlPoints).

virtual void iview::CAffineTransformation2dShape::SetLogDragPosition ( const i2d::CVector2d position)

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