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iwidgets::CDoubleRangeSpinEdit Class Reference

#include <CDoubleRangeSpinEdit.h>

Inheritance diagram for iwidgets::CDoubleRangeSpinEdit:


void ValuesChanged ()

Public Member Functions

 CDoubleRangeSpinEdit (QWidget *parent=NULL)
void SetMinRange (double minFrom, double minTo)
void SetMaxRange (double maxFrom, double maxTo)
void SetRange (double from, double to)
void SetDecimals (int count)
void SetSingleStep (double step)
void SetSuffixText (const QString &suffix)
void SetMinLabelText (const QString &text)
void SetMaxLabelText (const QString &text)
void EnableMaxValue (bool enable=true)
void EnableValdation (bool enable=true)
void SetValues (double minValue, double maxValue)
double GetMinValue () const
double GetMaxValue () const

Protected Slots

void OnMinValueChanged (double)
void OnMaxValueChanged (double)

Protected Attributes

Ui::CDoubleRangeSpinEdit m_ui
bool m_maxValueEnabled
bool m_validateRangesEnabled

Detailed Description

Definition at line 13 of file CDoubleRangeSpinEdit.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

iwidgets::CDoubleRangeSpinEdit::CDoubleRangeSpinEdit ( QWidget *  parent = NULL)

Member Function Documentation

void iwidgets::CDoubleRangeSpinEdit::EnableMaxValue ( bool  enable = true)
void iwidgets::CDoubleRangeSpinEdit::EnableValdation ( bool  enable = true)
double iwidgets::CDoubleRangeSpinEdit::GetMaxValue ( ) const
double iwidgets::CDoubleRangeSpinEdit::GetMinValue ( ) const
void iwidgets::CDoubleRangeSpinEdit::OnMaxValueChanged ( double  )
void iwidgets::CDoubleRangeSpinEdit::OnMinValueChanged ( double  )
void iwidgets::CDoubleRangeSpinEdit::SetDecimals ( int  count)
void iwidgets::CDoubleRangeSpinEdit::SetMaxLabelText ( const QString &  text)
void iwidgets::CDoubleRangeSpinEdit::SetMaxRange ( double  maxFrom,
double  maxTo 
void iwidgets::CDoubleRangeSpinEdit::SetMinLabelText ( const QString &  text)
void iwidgets::CDoubleRangeSpinEdit::SetMinRange ( double  minFrom,
double  minTo 
void iwidgets::CDoubleRangeSpinEdit::SetRange ( double  from,
double  to 
void iwidgets::CDoubleRangeSpinEdit::SetSingleStep ( double  step)
void iwidgets::CDoubleRangeSpinEdit::SetSuffixText ( const QString &  suffix)
void iwidgets::CDoubleRangeSpinEdit::SetValues ( double  minValue,
double  maxValue 
void iwidgets::CDoubleRangeSpinEdit::ValuesChanged ( )

Member Data Documentation

bool iwidgets::CDoubleRangeSpinEdit::m_maxValueEnabled

Definition at line 47 of file CDoubleRangeSpinEdit.h.

Ui::CDoubleRangeSpinEdit iwidgets::CDoubleRangeSpinEdit::m_ui

Definition at line 45 of file CDoubleRangeSpinEdit.h.

bool iwidgets::CDoubleRangeSpinEdit::m_validateRangesEnabled

Definition at line 48 of file CDoubleRangeSpinEdit.h.

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