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Set of helper classes.


class  icomp::TMakeComponentWrap< Base, Interface1, Interface2, Interface3, Interface4, Interface5, Interface6, Interface7, Interface8, Interface9, Interface10 >
 Simple wrapper making component from non-component class. More...
class  icomp::TModelCompWrap< Base >
 Makes component and model from some class implementing interface istd::IChangeable. More...
class  imod::TModelWrap< Base >
 This model wrapper provides a simple connection between a concrete istd::IChangeable implementation and a model. More...
class  iprm::CEnableableParam
 Basic implementation of IEnableableParam interface. More...
class  iprm::CNameParam
 Implementation of a named object over iprm::INameParam interface. More...
class  iqtgui::TGuiObserverWrap< Gui, Observer >
 Join functionality of iqtgui::IGuiObject interface and imod::IObserver. More...
class  iqtgui::TRestorableGuiWrap< Gui >
 A wrapper for saving/restoring of GUI component states in the application settings. More...
class  istd::TChangeNotifier< Changeable >
 Help class which provides the automatic update mechanism of the model. More...


typedef TChangeNotifier
< IChangeable > 
 Basic change notifier for unspecified type. More...

Detailed Description

Typedef Documentation

typedef TChangeNotifier<IChangeable> istd::CChangeNotifier

Basic change notifier for unspecified type.

Definition at line 169 of file TChangeNotifier.h.

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