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oACF Core LibrariesACF Core Libraries is a set of implementations of most important concepts and design patterns
|oData modelBasic interfaces and implementations for abstract definition of the data model
|oModel/Observer conceptThe main use-case of this concept is to get information on the observer side about changes of the data
|oPersistence conceptCommon interfaces and implementations for file based persistence and general object serialization
|oMain concepts and implementationsIf you want to learn how to use ACF, you should begin with elements defined in this module
|oOperation system servicesAccess to operating system related functionality
|\Component conceptThis concept allows to divide application into smaller modules
oApplication FrameworkSet of components and basic implementations for general definition of a software application
|oBasic UIBasic implementation for UI-based components
|oUI-based EditorsBasic implementation for UI-based data editors
|oParameter ManagementImplementation of parameter management concept
|\Document-based FrameworkFramework for document-based applications (MDI, SDI)
oNumerical Basics & AlgorithmsBasic implementations of mathematical and algorithmical primitives
|\GeometryBasic implementations of geometrical primitives in 2D- and 3D-space
\ColorData primitives and algorithms related to color definition and management

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