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iimg Namespace Reference

Contains the system indenendent definitions of image and related themes. More...


class  CBitmap
 Bitmap implementation based on Qt QImage. More...
class  CBitmapBase
 Base implementation of some iimg::IBitmap methods. More...
class  CBitmapDocumentFilePersistenceComp
 File based persistence of the multi-paged bitmap document. More...
class  CBitmapLoaderComp
 Bitmap loader component implementing interfaces ifile::IFilePersistence. More...
class  CBitmapSurface
 Union of a bitmap objects and its samples represented as a 2D sampled function. More...
class  CComposedBitmapProviderComp
 Component for composition/grouping of more single bitmap providers. More...
class  CGeneralBitmap
 Standard device- and platform-independent bitmap definition. More...
class  CMultiPageBitmapBase
 Definition of a multi-page bitmap document. More...
class  CMultiPageBitmapComp
 Realization of the multi-page bitmap used the component factory for the instatiation of the page bitmap. More...
class  CReflectedBitmapBase
 Implementation of bitmap storing internal additionaly QImage object reflecting state of main bitmap after conversion to Qt formats. More...
class  CScanlineMask
 Representation of a 2D-region as container of bitmap line scans. More...
class  IBitmap
 Definition of single plane bitmap. More...
class  IBitmapProvider
 Bitmap supplier allowing to access of produced bitmap. More...
class  IMultiBitmapProvider
 Supplier allowing to access of multiple produced bitmaps. More...
class  IMultiPageBitmapController
class  IQImageProvider
class  IRasterImage
 General definition of image contains pixels in regular grid. More...
class  TMultiPageBitmap
class  TPixelConversion


typedef TMultiPageBitmap
< CGeneralBitmap
typedef TMultiPageBitmap< CBitmapCQImageBasedMultiPageBitmap
typedef TPixelConversion
< quint8, quint8 > 
typedef TPixelConversion
< float, quint8, float > 
typedef TPixelConversion
< quint8, float, float > 
typedef TPixelConversion
< float, float > 

Detailed Description

Contains the system indenendent definitions of image and related themes.

This package use following ACF packages:

Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 129 of file TPixelConversion.h.

typedef TPixelConversion<float, quint8, float> iimg::CFloatGrayPixelConversion

Definition at line 127 of file TPixelConversion.h.

Definition at line 58 of file TMultiPageBitmap.h.

typedef TPixelConversion<quint8, float, float> iimg::CGrayFloatPixelConversion

Definition at line 128 of file TPixelConversion.h.

Definition at line 126 of file TPixelConversion.h.

Definition at line 59 of file TMultiPageBitmap.h.

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