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iqt Namespace Reference

This namespace contains standard classes based on Qt. More...


class  CApplicationSettingsProviderComp
 An application settings provider component. More...
class  CClipboardSerializerComp
 A clipboard serializer component. More...
class  CConsoleReader
 User-input reader for command line console. More...
class  CIniSettingsProviderComp
 Provides settings from INI file. More...
class  CNetworkWriteArchive
 A write archive working over network connection. More...
class  CSettingsArchiveBase
 Basic implementation for an archive used Qt settings implementation as persistence medium. More...
class  CSettingsReadArchive
 The read archive used global system settings mechansim (by example Windows registry or INI file) as medium. More...
class  CSettingsSerializerComp
 Store and load parameter as global settings. More...
class  CSettingsWriteArchive
 Write archive implementation for serialization based on QSettings. More...
class  CSignalBlocker
 Simple helper class blocking Qt signals of specified QObject. More...
class  CTranslationManagerComp
 A translation manager component. More...
class  ISettingsProvider
 Interface for access the application settings object. More...
class  ITranslationManager
 Common interface for the localization manager. More...


QSize GetQSize (const istd::CIndex2d &size)
istd::CIndex2d GetCIndex2d (const QSize &size)
QPoint GetQPoint (const istd::CIndex2d &position)
istd::CIndex2d GetCIndex2d (const QPoint &position)
QRectF GetQRectF (const i2d::CRectangle &rect)
i2d::CRectangle GetCRectangle (const QRectF &rect)
i2d::CLine2d GetCLine2d (const QLine &line)
QLine GetQLine (const i2d::CLine2d &line)
i2d::CLine2d GetCLine2d (const QLineF &line)
QLineF GetQLineF (const i2d::CLine2d &line)
QRect GetQRect (const i2d::CRect &rect)
i2d::CRect GetCRect (const QRect &rect)

Detailed Description

This namespace contains standard classes based on Qt.

Function Documentation

istd::CIndex2d iqt::GetCIndex2d ( const QSize &  size)
istd::CIndex2d iqt::GetCIndex2d ( const QPoint &  position)
i2d::CLine2d iqt::GetCLine2d ( const QLine &  line)
i2d::CLine2d iqt::GetCLine2d ( const QLineF &  line)
i2d::CRect iqt::GetCRect ( const QRect &  rect)
i2d::CRectangle iqt::GetCRectangle ( const QRectF &  rect)
QLine iqt::GetQLine ( const i2d::CLine2d line)
QLineF iqt::GetQLineF ( const i2d::CLine2d line)
QPoint iqt::GetQPoint ( const istd::CIndex2d position)
QRect iqt::GetQRect ( const i2d::CRect rect)
QRectF iqt::GetQRectF ( const i2d::CRectangle rect)
QSize iqt::GetQSize ( const istd::CIndex2d size)

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