Namespace List
Here is a list of all namespaces with brief descriptions:
oNi2dContains the 2D objects
oNi3dContains the 3D objects
oNiattrThis namespace containes implementations of attributes concept
oNibaseThis namespace contains basic implementations of standard primitives on the component level
oNicmmContains color management classes
oNicompPackage with interfaces and class used for components concept
oNidocContains the system indenendent basic implementations of Document/View design pattern
oNifileContains interfaces and implementations of file system related components
oNifileguiGUI specific interfaces and components for file system access and representation
oNiimgContains the system indenendent definitions of image and related themes
oNilogThis namespace contains implementations for the logging functionality
oNilogguiGUI specific interfaces and components for logging functionality
oNimathPackage with mathematical functions and algebraical primitives
oNimodThis namespace containes basic implementation of Model/Observer design pattern This package is system independent
oNipackagePackage contains implementation for the management of ACF environment
oNiprmContains interfaces and implementations of flexible parameter concept
oNiqtThis namespace contains standard classes based on Qt
oNiqt2dThis package contains Qt based implementations for 2D graphic objects
oNiqtdocThis package contains Qt implementations related to Document/View concept
oNiqtguiStandard GUI specific interfaces and components based on Qt
oNiqtprmThis package contains Qt based implementations of standard parameter components
oNiserContains general persistence mechanism with basic archives implementations
oNistdStandard library
oNiviewIn this library is defined 2D view concept and standard visualisation objects
\NiwidgetsNamespace contains implementation of Qt widget extensions

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