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QtServiceBasePrivate Class Reference

#include <qtservice_p.h>

Public Member Functions

 QtServiceBasePrivate (const QString &name)
 ~QtServiceBasePrivate ()
void startService ()
int run (bool asService, const QStringList &argList)
bool install (const QString &account, const QString &password)
bool start ()
QString filePath () const
bool sysInit ()
void sysSetPath ()
void sysCleanup ()

Public Attributes

QString serviceDescription
QtServiceController::StartupType startupType
QtServiceBase::ServiceFlags serviceFlags
QStringList args
QtServiceController controller
class QtServiceSysPrivatesysd

Static Public Attributes

static class QtServiceBaseinstance

Detailed Description

Definition at line 55 of file qtservice_p.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QtServiceBasePrivate::QtServiceBasePrivate ( const QString &  name)
QtServiceBasePrivate::~QtServiceBasePrivate ( )

Member Function Documentation

QString QtServiceBasePrivate::filePath ( ) const
bool QtServiceBasePrivate::install ( const QString &  account,
const QString &  password 
int QtServiceBasePrivate::run ( bool  asService,
const QStringList &  argList 
bool QtServiceBasePrivate::start ( )
void QtServiceBasePrivate::startService ( )
void QtServiceBasePrivate::sysCleanup ( )
bool QtServiceBasePrivate::sysInit ( )
void QtServiceBasePrivate::sysSetPath ( )

Member Data Documentation

QStringList QtServiceBasePrivate::args

Definition at line 68 of file qtservice_p.h.

QtServiceController QtServiceBasePrivate::controller

Definition at line 72 of file qtservice_p.h.

class QtServiceBase* QtServiceBasePrivate::instance

Definition at line 70 of file qtservice_p.h.

QtServiceBase* QtServiceBasePrivate::q_ptr

Definition at line 63 of file qtservice_p.h.

QString QtServiceBasePrivate::serviceDescription

Definition at line 65 of file qtservice_p.h.

QtServiceBase::ServiceFlags QtServiceBasePrivate::serviceFlags

Definition at line 67 of file qtservice_p.h.

QtServiceController::StartupType QtServiceBasePrivate::startupType

Definition at line 66 of file qtservice_p.h.

class QtServiceSysPrivate* QtServiceBasePrivate::sysd

Definition at line 84 of file qtservice_p.h.

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