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iauth::CUser Class Reference

#include <CUser.h>

Inheritance diagram for iauth::CUser:
iser::ISerializable istd::IChangeable istd::IPolymorphic

Public Member Functions

 CUser (const QString &userName="", const QString &password="", int userGroup=0)
 CUser (const CUser &user)
const QString & GetUserName () const
 Get name of user. More...
const QString & GetPassword () const
 Get user's password. More...
bool SetUserName (const QString &name)
 Set name of user. More...
int GetUserGroup () const
 Get group number this user belongs. More...
void SetUserGroup (int group)
 Set group number this user belongs. More...
bool SetPassword (const QString &password)
 Set password of this user. More...
bool CheckPassword (const QString &password) const
 Check, if password is correct. More...
void ResetPassword ()
 Set password to be reseted. More...
virtual bool Serialize (iser::IArchive &archive)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 16 of file CUser.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

iauth::CUser::CUser ( const QString &  userName = "",
const QString &  password = "",
int  userGroup = 0 
iauth::CUser::CUser ( const CUser user)

Member Function Documentation

bool iauth::CUser::CheckPassword ( const QString &  password) const

Check, if password is correct.

const QString& iauth::CUser::GetPassword ( ) const

Get user's password.

int iauth::CUser::GetUserGroup ( ) const

Get group number this user belongs.

number of group, or -1 if this user is disabled.
const QString& iauth::CUser::GetUserName ( ) const

Get name of user.

void iauth::CUser::ResetPassword ( )

Set password to be reseted.

virtual bool iauth::CUser::Serialize ( iser::IArchive archive)
bool iauth::CUser::SetPassword ( const QString &  password)

Set password of this user.

true, if password was accepted, or false if it is uncompatible with the password guide lines.
void iauth::CUser::SetUserGroup ( int  group)

Set group number this user belongs.

groupgroup number, or -1 if this user is disabled.
bool iauth::CUser::SetUserName ( const QString &  name)

Set name of user.

true, if user name was accepted, or false if it is uncompatible with the user name guide lines.

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