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ifileproc::CExternalFileConverterComp Class Reference

File converter, which uses an external programm to perform the file conversion. More...

#include <CExternalFileConverterComp.h>

Inheritance diagram for ifileproc::CExternalFileConverterComp:
ilog::TLoggerCompWrap< Base > ifileproc::IFileConversion ilog::CLoggerBase istd::IPolymorphic ilog::ILoggable istd::ILogger istd::IPolymorphic istd::IPolymorphic

Public Types

typedef ilog::CLoggerComponentBase BaseClass
- Public Types inherited from ifileproc::IFileConversion
enum  MessageId { MI_INPUT_PATH = 0x5cd40, MI_OUTPUT_PATH }
 Types of messages which can be produced during execution of ConvertFiles method. More...

Public Member Functions

virtual int ConvertFiles (const QString &inputPath, QString &outputPath, const iprm::IParamsSet *paramsPtr=NULL, ibase::IProgressManager *progressManagerPtr=NULL) const
 Copy a file or files from inputPath to destination outputPath. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ilog::ILoggable
virtual void SetLogPtr (IMessageConsumer *logPtr)=0
virtual IMessageConsumerGetLogPtr () const =0
virtual void SetTracingEnabled (bool trace)=0
virtual bool IsTracingEnabled () const =0

Protected Member Functions

virtual void OnComponentCreated ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ilog::CLoggerBase
virtual void DecorateMessage (istd::IInformationProvider::InformationCategory category, int id, int flags, QString &message, QString &messageSource) const

Detailed Description

File converter, which uses an external programm to perform the file conversion.

There are several ways to define how the command line parameter can be passed to the underlaying conversion process. The simplest way is to define the complete command line in the text attribute DefaultProcessArguments. This way works only for use cases, where the command line can be statically defined and is known at the component definition time. For the situation, where the process arguments can be changed at runtime, you have following possibilities:

For defining of the command line you can also use some predefined variables. Currently, following variables are supported:

Definition at line 40 of file CExternalFileConverterComp.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 48 of file CExternalFileConverterComp.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual int ifileproc::CExternalFileConverterComp::ConvertFiles ( const QString &  inputPath,
QString &  outputPath,
const iprm::IParamsSet paramsPtr = NULL,
ibase::IProgressManager progressManagerPtr = NULL 
) const

Copy a file or files from inputPath to destination outputPath.

inputPathPath to the input file or directory.
outputPathPath to the output file or directory. Output file path can be calculated or modified inside of ConvertFiles method.
paramsPtrFile conversion parameters
progressManagerPtrProgress manager used for getting information about file conversion progress state and canceling.
Status of conversion operation.
See Also

Implements ifileproc::IFileConversion.

virtual void ifileproc::CExternalFileConverterComp::OnComponentCreated ( )

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