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iipr::IFeaturesConsumer Class Referenceabstract

Common interface for a features container consuming feature objects. More...

#include <IFeaturesConsumer.h>

Inheritance diagram for iipr::IFeaturesConsumer:
istd::IChangeable istd::IPolymorphic iipr::CCheckboardCalibSupplierComp::LinesConsumer iipr::CFeaturesContainer iipr::CLensCorrFindSupplierComp::FeaturesConsumer iipr::CSingleFeatureConsumer

Public Member Functions

virtual void ResetFeatures ()=0
 Remove all features from this container. More...
virtual bool AddFeature (const imeas::INumericValue *featurePtr, bool *isFullPtr=NULL)=0
 Add new feature to the set of features. More...

Detailed Description

Common interface for a features container consuming feature objects.

Definition at line 17 of file IFeaturesConsumer.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool iipr::IFeaturesConsumer::AddFeature ( const imeas::INumericValue featurePtr,
bool *  isFullPtr = NULL 
pure virtual

Add new feature to the set of features.

featurePtrinstance of feature object. Please note, that the container takes controll over this object, so you cannot destroy this object manually. It cannot be NULL.
isFullPtrOptional parameter pointing at flag idicating that container is full. This flag will be set to true, if this container is full and it will not collect additional features. In other case the flag will be not changed.
true if the pushed feature is valid for this container and was inserted correctly.

Implemented in iipr::CCheckboardCalibSupplierComp::LinesConsumer, iipr::CLensCorrFindSupplierComp::FeaturesConsumer, iipr::CSingleFeatureConsumer, and iipr::CFeaturesContainer.

virtual void iipr::IFeaturesConsumer::ResetFeatures ( )
pure virtual

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