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imeas::CGeneralDataSequenceInfo Class Reference

Simple implementation of imeas::IDataSequenceInfo interface. More...

#include <CGeneralDataSequenceInfo.h>

Inheritance diagram for imeas::CGeneralDataSequenceInfo:
imeas::CGeneralNumericConstraints imeas::IDataSequenceInfo imeas::INumericConstraints iprm::IOptionsList imeas::INumericConstraints iser::ISerializable istd::IChangeable istd::IChangeable istd::IChangeable istd::IChangeable istd::IPolymorphic istd::IPolymorphic istd::IPolymorphic istd::IPolymorphic

Public Types

- Public Types inherited from imeas::IDataSequenceInfo
enum  SequenceInfoFlags { SIF_SAMPLES_COUNT_FIXED = 1 << 1, SIF_CHANNELS_COUNT_FIXED = 1 << 2 }
 Describe mode of weight information. More...

Public Member Functions

 CGeneralDataSequenceInfo (int defaultChannelsCount, int defaultSamplesCount, IDataSequenceInfo::WeightMode mode=WM_NONE, int sequenceFlags=0)
void SetSequenceInfoFlags (int flags)
void SetDefaultSamplesCount (int samplesCount)
void SetDefaultChannelsCount (int channelsCount)
void SetWeightMode (WeightMode mode)
virtual bool InsertValueInfo (const QString &name, const QString &description, const QByteArray &valueId, const imath::CGeneralUnitInfo &unitInfo, int index=-1)
 Add new value information. More...
virtual int GetSequenceInfoFlags () const
 Get flags for this data sequence. More...
virtual int GetDefaultSamplesCount () const
 Get default number of samples. More...
virtual int GetDefaultChannelsCount () const
 Get default number of channels. More...
virtual int GetWeightMode () const
 Get weight mode for this sequence. More...
virtual bool Serialize (iser::IArchive &archive)
- Public Member Functions inherited from imeas::CGeneralNumericConstraints
void Reset ()
 Removes all value informations. More...
void RemoveValueInfo (int index)
 Remove single value information. More...
const imath::CGeneralUnitInfoGetGeneralUnitInfo (int index) const
 Get unit info stored alway in this structure. More...
virtual const iprm::IOptionsListGetValueListInfo () const
 Get general information about the "content" of the numeric value. More...
virtual const imath::IUnitInfoGetNumericValueUnitInfo (int index) const
 Get range of possible numeric values for specified list index. More...
virtual int GetOptionsFlags () const
virtual int GetOptionsCount () const
virtual QString GetOptionName (int index) const
virtual QString GetOptionDescription (int index) const
virtual QByteArray GetOptionId (int index) const
virtual bool IsOptionEnabled (int index) const

Detailed Description

Simple implementation of imeas::IDataSequenceInfo interface.

Definition at line 16 of file CGeneralDataSequenceInfo.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 21 of file CGeneralDataSequenceInfo.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

imeas::CGeneralDataSequenceInfo::CGeneralDataSequenceInfo ( int  defaultChannelsCount,
int  defaultSamplesCount,
IDataSequenceInfo::WeightMode  mode = WM_NONE,
int  sequenceFlags = 0 

Member Function Documentation

virtual int imeas::CGeneralDataSequenceInfo::GetDefaultChannelsCount ( ) const

Get default number of channels.

If negative, the default number of channels is undefined.

Implements imeas::IDataSequenceInfo.

virtual int imeas::CGeneralDataSequenceInfo::GetDefaultSamplesCount ( ) const

Get default number of samples.

If negative, the default number of samples is undefined.

Implements imeas::IDataSequenceInfo.

virtual int imeas::CGeneralDataSequenceInfo::GetSequenceInfoFlags ( ) const

Get flags for this data sequence.

Implements imeas::IDataSequenceInfo.

virtual int imeas::CGeneralDataSequenceInfo::GetWeightMode ( ) const

Get weight mode for this sequence.

See Also

Implements imeas::IDataSequenceInfo.

virtual bool imeas::CGeneralDataSequenceInfo::InsertValueInfo ( const QString &  name,
const QString &  description,
const QByteArray &  valueId,
const imath::CGeneralUnitInfo unitInfo,
int  index = -1 

Add new value information.

Reimplemented from imeas::CGeneralNumericConstraints.

virtual bool imeas::CGeneralDataSequenceInfo::Serialize ( iser::IArchive archive)
void imeas::CGeneralDataSequenceInfo::SetDefaultChannelsCount ( int  channelsCount)
void imeas::CGeneralDataSequenceInfo::SetDefaultSamplesCount ( int  samplesCount)
void imeas::CGeneralDataSequenceInfo::SetSequenceInfoFlags ( int  flags)
void imeas::CGeneralDataSequenceInfo::SetWeightMode ( WeightMode  mode)

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