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iproc::CModelBasedProcessingTriggerComp Class Reference

Component to trigger a processing action depending on model changes. More...

#include <CModelBasedProcessingTriggerComp.h>

Inheritance diagram for iproc::CModelBasedProcessingTriggerComp:
ilog::TLoggerCompWrap< Base > imod::CSingleModelObserverBase ilog::CLoggerBase imod::IObserver ilog::ILoggable istd::ILogger istd::IPolymorphic istd::IPolymorphic istd::IPolymorphic

Public Types

typedef ilog::CLoggerComponentBase BaseClass

Public Member Functions

 CModelBasedProcessingTriggerComp ()
virtual void OnComponentCreated ()
virtual void OnComponentDestroyed ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ilog::ILoggable
virtual void SetLogPtr (IMessageConsumer *logPtr)=0
virtual IMessageConsumerGetLogPtr () const =0
virtual void SetTracingEnabled (bool trace)=0
virtual bool IsTracingEnabled () const =0
- Public Member Functions inherited from imod::IObserver
virtual bool IsModelAttached (const IModel *modelPtr=NULL) const =0
virtual bool OnModelAttached (IModel *modelPtr, istd::IChangeable::ChangeSet &changeMask)=0
virtual bool OnModelDetached (IModel *modelPtr)=0
virtual void BeforeUpdate (IModel *modelPtr)=0
virtual void AfterUpdate (IModel *modelPtr, const istd::IChangeable::ChangeSet &changeSet)=0

Protected Member Functions

virtual void OnUpdate (const istd::IChangeable::ChangeSet &changeSet)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ilog::CLoggerBase
virtual void DecorateMessage (istd::IInformationProvider::InformationCategory category, int id, int flags, QString &message, QString &messageSource) const

Detailed Description

Component to trigger a processing action depending on model changes.

Definition at line 20 of file CModelBasedProcessingTriggerComp.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 25 of file CModelBasedProcessingTriggerComp.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

iproc::CModelBasedProcessingTriggerComp::CModelBasedProcessingTriggerComp ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual void iproc::CModelBasedProcessingTriggerComp::OnComponentCreated ( )
virtual void iproc::CModelBasedProcessingTriggerComp::OnComponentDestroyed ( )
virtual void iproc::CModelBasedProcessingTriggerComp::OnUpdate ( const istd::IChangeable::ChangeSet changeSet)

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