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iqtinsp::CMessageBasedViewExtenderComp Class Reference

Basic view extender showing geometric messages as inactive shapes. More...

#include <CMessageBasedViewExtenderComp.h>

Inheritance diagram for iqtinsp::CMessageBasedViewExtenderComp:
iqtinsp::TResultShapeCreatorWrap< icomp::CComponentBase > iqt2d::IViewExtender icomp::CComponentBase istd::IPolymorphic icomp::IComponent istd::IPolymorphic

Public Types

< icomp::CComponentBase
- Public Types inherited from iqtinsp::TResultShapeCreatorWrap< icomp::CComponentBase >
typedef icomp::CComponentBase BaseClass

Public Member Functions

virtual void AddItemsToScene (iqt2d::IViewProvider *providerPtr, int flags)
virtual void RemoveItemsFromScene (iqt2d::IViewProvider *providerPtr)
virtual void OnComponentCreated ()
virtual void OnComponentDestroyed ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from iqtinsp::TResultShapeCreatorWrap< icomp::CComponentBase >
virtual iview::IShapeCreateResultShape (const iview::IShapeFactory *shapeFactoryPtr, const istd::IChangeable *objectPtr, const istd::IInformationProvider *infoPtr, bool connectToModel=true) const
 Create a shape for the result object and corresponding status information. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from icomp::IComponent
virtual const ICompositeComponentGetParentComponent (bool ownerOnly=false) const =0
virtual void * GetInterface (const istd::CClassInfo &interfaceType, const QByteArray &subId="")=0
virtual const IComponentContextGetComponentContext () const =0
virtual void SetComponentContext (const icomp::IComponentContext *contextPtr, const ICompositeComponent *parentPtr, bool isParentOwner)=0

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool IsMessageAccepted (const istd::IInformationProvider &message) const

Detailed Description

Basic view extender showing geometric messages as inactive shapes.

ResultShapeFactory is used for shape creation (i.e. must be set). MessageContainer is used as message source (e.g the task log of the supplier will be used)

Definition at line 26 of file CMessageBasedViewExtenderComp.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 31 of file CMessageBasedViewExtenderComp.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void iqtinsp::CMessageBasedViewExtenderComp::AddItemsToScene ( iqt2d::IViewProvider providerPtr,
int  flags 

Implements iqt2d::IViewExtender.

virtual bool iqtinsp::CMessageBasedViewExtenderComp::IsMessageAccepted ( const istd::IInformationProvider message) const
virtual void iqtinsp::CMessageBasedViewExtenderComp::OnComponentCreated ( )
virtual void iqtinsp::CMessageBasedViewExtenderComp::OnComponentDestroyed ( )
virtual void iqtinsp::CMessageBasedViewExtenderComp::RemoveItemsFromScene ( iqt2d::IViewProvider providerPtr)

Implements iqt2d::IViewExtender.

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