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iqtmm::CFrameSeqVideoControllerComp Class Reference

Component to play some image (frame) sequence from a directory. More...

#include <CFrameSeqVideoControllerComp.h>

Inheritance diagram for iqtmm::CFrameSeqVideoControllerComp:
iproc::TSyncProcessorCompBase< icam::IBitmapAcquisition > imm::IVideoController imod::CSingleModelObserverBase ilog::TLoggerCompWrap< Base > iproc::TSyncProcessorWrap< icam::IBitmapAcquisition > imm::IMediaController imm::IVideoInfo imod::IObserver ilog::CLoggerBase icam::IBitmapAcquisition istd::IChangeable ifile::IFileTypeInfo istd::IPolymorphic istd::IPolymorphic ilog::ILoggable istd::ILogger iproc::IProcessor istd::IPolymorphic istd::IPolymorphic istd::IPolymorphic istd::IPolymorphic istd::IPolymorphic

Public Types

< icam::IBitmapAcquisition
- Public Types inherited from iproc::TSyncProcessorCompBase< icam::IBitmapAcquisition >
typedef ilog::CLoggerComponentBase BaseClass
< icam::IBitmapAcquisition
typedef icam::IBitmapAcquisition InterfaceType
- Public Types inherited from iproc::TSyncProcessorWrap< icam::IBitmapAcquisition >
typedef icam::IBitmapAcquisition BaseClass
- Public Types inherited from iproc::IProcessor
enum  MessageId { MI_BAD_PARAMS = 0x16372620, MI_PROCESSING_ERROR }
 State of processing. More...
enum  TaskState {
 Describe state of task. More...
- Public Types inherited from imm::IVideoController
enum  SupportedFeatures { SF_GRAB_ANY = 0x100 }
- Public Types inherited from imm::IMediaController
enum  ChangeFlags { CF_STATUS = 0xc72a266, CF_MEDIA_POSITION }
 Data model change notification flags. More...
enum  SupportedFeatures { SF_OPEN_MEDIA = 0x1, SF_PLAY = 0x2, SF_SEEK = 0x4, SF_AUTO_PLAY = 0x8 }

Public Member Functions

 CFrameSeqVideoControllerComp ()
virtual istd::CIndex2d GetBitmapSize (const iprm::IParamsSet *paramsPtr) const
 Get size of acquired bitmap for specified parameters. More...
virtual int DoProcessing (const iprm::IParamsSet *paramsPtr, const istd::IPolymorphic *inputPtr, istd::IChangeable *outputPtr, ibase::IProgressManager *progressManagerPtr=NULL)
 Do synchronized processing. More...
virtual QString GetOpenedMediumUrl () const
 Get URL of the medium object. More...
virtual bool OpenMediumUrl (const QString &url, bool autoPlay=true)
 Open some media file. More...
virtual void CloseMedium ()
 Close this media player. More...
virtual bool IsPlaying () const
 Return true, if media is currntly playing. More...
virtual bool SetPlaying (bool state=true)
 Play or pause current media. More...
virtual double GetMediumLength () const
 Return length of opened media. More...
virtual double GetCurrentPosition () const
 Get current position. More...
virtual bool SetCurrentPosition (double position)
 Skip to some position of media stream. More...
virtual int GetSupportedFeatures () const
 Get info about features, that are supported by this media controller. More...
virtual int GetFramesCount () const
 Return length of video in seconds. More...
virtual double GetFrameIntervall () const
 Return time difference between frames. More...
virtual istd::CIndex2d GetFrameSize () const
 Return size in pixels of single frame. More...
virtual double GetPixelAspectRatio () const
 Get frame aspect ratio. More...
virtual int GetCurrentFrame () const
 Get index of current frame. More...
virtual bool SetCurrentFrame (int frameIndex)
 Set index of current frame. More...
virtual bool GetFileExtensions (QStringList &result, const istd::IChangeable *dataObjectPtr=NULL, int flags=-1, bool doAppend=false) const
virtual QString GetTypeDescription (const QString *extensionPtr=NULL) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ilog::ILoggable
virtual void SetLogPtr (IMessageConsumer *logPtr)=0
virtual IMessageConsumerGetLogPtr () const =0
virtual void SetTracingEnabled (bool trace)=0
virtual bool IsTracingEnabled () const =0
- Public Member Functions inherited from iproc::TSyncProcessorWrap< icam::IBitmapAcquisition >
 TSyncProcessorWrap ()
virtual int GetProcessorState (const iprm::IParamsSet *paramsPtr) const
virtual bool AreParamsAccepted (const iprm::IParamsSet *paramsPtr, const istd::IPolymorphic *inputPtr, const istd::IChangeable *outputPtr) const
virtual int BeginTask (const iprm::IParamsSet *paramsPtr, const istd::IPolymorphic *inputPtr, istd::IChangeable *outputPtr, ibase::IProgressManager *progressManagerPtr=NULL)
virtual int WaitTaskFinished (int taskId=-1, double timeoutTime=-1, bool killOnTimeout=true)
virtual void CancelTask (int taskId=-1)
virtual int GetReadyTask ()
virtual int GetTaskState (int taskId=-1) const
virtual void InitProcessor (const iprm::IParamsSet *paramsPtr)

Protected Member Functions

bool LoadCurrentFrame ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ilog::CLoggerBase
virtual void DecorateMessage (istd::IInformationProvider::InformationCategory category, int id, int flags, QString &message, QString &messageSource) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from imod::IObserver
virtual bool IsModelAttached (const IModel *modelPtr=NULL) const =0
virtual bool OnModelAttached (IModel *modelPtr, istd::IChangeable::ChangeSet &changeMask)=0
virtual bool OnModelDetached (IModel *modelPtr)=0
virtual void BeforeUpdate (IModel *modelPtr)=0
virtual void AfterUpdate (IModel *modelPtr, const istd::IChangeable::ChangeSet &changeSet)=0

Detailed Description

Component to play some image (frame) sequence from a directory.

Definition at line 28 of file CFrameSeqVideoControllerComp.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 37 of file CFrameSeqVideoControllerComp.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

iqtmm::CFrameSeqVideoControllerComp::CFrameSeqVideoControllerComp ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual void iqtmm::CFrameSeqVideoControllerComp::CloseMedium ( )

Close this media player.

It stops playing and closes media file.

Implements imm::IMediaController.

virtual int iqtmm::CFrameSeqVideoControllerComp::DoProcessing ( const iprm::IParamsSet paramsPtr,
const istd::IPolymorphic inputPtr,
istd::IChangeable outputPtr,
ibase::IProgressManager progressManagerPtr = NULL 

Do synchronized processing.

state of processing task
See Also

Implements iproc::IProcessor.

virtual istd::CIndex2d iqtmm::CFrameSeqVideoControllerComp::GetBitmapSize ( const iprm::IParamsSet paramsPtr) const

Get size of acquired bitmap for specified parameters.

if size of bitmap is known it returns this value. Otherwise invalid size will be returned.
See Also

Implements icam::IBitmapAcquisition.

virtual int iqtmm::CFrameSeqVideoControllerComp::GetCurrentFrame ( ) const

Get index of current frame.

Implements imm::IVideoController.

virtual double iqtmm::CFrameSeqVideoControllerComp::GetCurrentPosition ( ) const

Get current position.

Implements imm::IMediaController.

virtual bool iqtmm::CFrameSeqVideoControllerComp::GetFileExtensions ( QStringList &  result,
const istd::IChangeable dataObjectPtr = NULL,
int  flags = -1,
bool  doAppend = false 
) const
virtual double iqtmm::CFrameSeqVideoControllerComp::GetFrameIntervall ( ) const

Return time difference between frames.

If unknown, negative value will be returned.

Implements imm::IVideoInfo.

virtual int iqtmm::CFrameSeqVideoControllerComp::GetFramesCount ( ) const

Return length of video in seconds.

Implements imm::IVideoInfo.

virtual istd::CIndex2d iqtmm::CFrameSeqVideoControllerComp::GetFrameSize ( ) const

Return size in pixels of single frame.

If size is unknown, it returns invalid index object.

See Also

Implements imm::IVideoInfo.

virtual double iqtmm::CFrameSeqVideoControllerComp::GetMediumLength ( ) const

Return length of opened media.

Implements imm::IMediaController.

virtual QString iqtmm::CFrameSeqVideoControllerComp::GetOpenedMediumUrl ( ) const

Get URL of the medium object.

Implements imm::IMediaController.

virtual double iqtmm::CFrameSeqVideoControllerComp::GetPixelAspectRatio ( ) const

Get frame aspect ratio.

Pixel aspect ratio is proportion of pixel with to pixel height. If unknown, negative value will be returned.

Implements imm::IVideoInfo.

virtual int iqtmm::CFrameSeqVideoControllerComp::GetSupportedFeatures ( ) const

Get info about features, that are supported by this media controller.

See Also

Implements imm::IMediaController.

virtual QString iqtmm::CFrameSeqVideoControllerComp::GetTypeDescription ( const QString *  extensionPtr = NULL) const
virtual bool iqtmm::CFrameSeqVideoControllerComp::IsPlaying ( ) const

Return true, if media is currntly playing.

Implements imm::IMediaController.

bool iqtmm::CFrameSeqVideoControllerComp::LoadCurrentFrame ( )
virtual bool iqtmm::CFrameSeqVideoControllerComp::OpenMediumUrl ( const QString &  url,
bool  autoPlay = true 

Open some media file.

Implements imm::IMediaController.

virtual bool iqtmm::CFrameSeqVideoControllerComp::SetCurrentFrame ( int  frameIndex)

Set index of current frame.

This works similiar to imm::IMediaController::SetCurrentPosition, but the parameter is frame index.

Implements imm::IVideoController.

virtual bool iqtmm::CFrameSeqVideoControllerComp::SetCurrentPosition ( double  position)

Skip to some position of media stream.

Implements imm::IMediaController.

virtual bool iqtmm::CFrameSeqVideoControllerComp::SetPlaying ( bool  state = true)

Play or pause current media.

Implements imm::IMediaController.

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