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oNiabcThis namespace containes Application Business Components (ABC) implementations This package is system independent
|\CCServiceApplicationCompQt based component for service-based application
| \CCService
oNicboxContains interfaces and implementations based on Crypto Box CBIOS library by Marx (
|\CCSimpleCameraCompSimple fire wire camera implementation based on library libDC1394
|oCCLibAvConverterHelper class containing static methods to convert between AvLib and ACF classes
|\CCLibAvVideoDecoderCompImplementation of imm::IVideoController and icam::IBitmapAcquisition interfaces using LibAv library
oNinatThis namespace contains implementations for the compile-time native plattform
oNiocvACF intergration of the Open CV library
|oCCOcvAcquisitionCompOpen CV based camera component implementation
|oCCOcvImageWrapper for Ipl image
|\CCOcvVideoControllerCompComponent for video controlling using OpenCV API
oNiqaxmmThis namespace containes implementations of multimedia related components based on ActiveQ, part of Qt library This package use following ACF packages:
oNiqsciThis namespace contains class wrapper for QScintilla framework
oNiqwtThis package contains implementations of the GUI components based on Qwt library
|oCCHistogramViewCompComponent for visualization of histogram data
|oCCProgressHistoryGuiCompShows progress history for nonlinear and 'non-progressive' processes
|\CCQwtDataSequenceViewCompComponent for visualization of histogram data
oNiqwt3dThis package contains implementations of the 3D-View components based on Qwt3D library
|\CCSurfaceViewComp3D-View based on Qwt3D library
oNiwinThis namespace contains implementations for the windows plattform
|oCCPerformanceTimeStampHigh perfomance time stamp implementation
|oCCSystemWindows specific services
|oCCTimeStampCacheCompTime stamp provider returning always stored time stamp
|\CTComPtrPointer wrapper providing access to Windows COM objects
oNizlibImplementation of interfaces, classes and components based of external ZLIB library
|oCCGzXmlReadArchiveZLIB compressed implementation of simple archive reading from XML file
|\CCGzXmlWriteArchiveZLIB compressed implementation of archive for writing in XML format

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