Definition of attribute types

Since ACF version 1.6.0 the ID's of attribute types in ARX files has been changed.
Added by Witold Gantzke over 5 years ago

Due of independecy on STL the names of attribute ID's must be changed. To avoid such problems in the future with ACF version 1.6.0 the ID's based on UML type names will be used:

  • Reference - reference to another component (old icomp::CReferenceAttribute),
  • Factory - factory of another component (old icomp::CFactoryAttribute),
  • Boolean - boolean value (old icomp::TAttribute<bool>),
  • Integer - integer number (old icomp::TAttribute<int>),
  • Real - real number with double precision (old icomp::TAttribute<double>),
  • String - human readable text string, unicode with translation support (old icomp::TAttribute<QString> or icomp::TAttribute<istd::CString>),
  • Id - text string for representing technical ID, 8 bit character without translation support (old icomp::TAttribute<std::string>),
  • Reference[] - list of referencies to another components (old icomp::CMultiReferenceAttribute),
  • Factory[] - list of factories of another components (old icomp::CMultiFactoryAttribute),
  • Boolean[] - list of boolean values (old icomp::TMultiAttribute<bool>),
  • Integer[] - list of integer numbers (old icomp::TMultiAttribute<int>),
  • Real[] - list of real numbers with double precision (old icomp::TMultiAttribute<double>),
  • String[] - list of human readable text strings, unicode with translation support (old icomp::TMultiAttribute<QString> or icomp::TMultiAttribute<istd::CString>),
  • Id[] - list of text strings for representing technical ID, 8 bit character without translation support (old icomp::TMultiAttribute<std::string>)

Old ID's wont be more supported.