From 08/20/2011 to 11/17/2011


11:41 pm Further ACF Reogranization
Some futher reogranization of ACF projects was started. Attribute Library was renamed into Property Library and moved... Kirill Lepski
11:47 am ACF reogranization
ACF projects were reorganized.
ACF Compositor was moved to ACF core project and Multimedia package was moved from AC...
Kirill Lepski


11:08 pm Property library
Library for management of "attributable" objects was added. Now you can easy create standard implementations of persi... Kirill Lepski


09:46 am Mail notifications
Mail notification settings in Redmine were corrected yesterday. So it's running now. Kirill Lepski


12:33 am ACF Management Setup
The setup of ACF build system, SVN server and Redmine is finished now. Kirill Lepski
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